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Starfleet Home Baise Leader Princessca A'Leia Lady Vulcan...from StarWarps/StarWrapture

Following nEAR hAVEN, THE mOON(S) OF cITADEL Jupiter APPEARS LIKE AN Arabian mIRAGE TOLD OF EN THE ANCIENT LEGENDS OF THE hI'JEA'RA IN THE DAYS OF THE PROPHET (LAYD VULCAN'S REPORTS CONTINUE..)mir-mir moon con Blueberr6014   Loading editor 4 days ago 17:56, June 22, 2013 Quote More Edit History Remove Close this thread Quote Close this thread History Edit Remove Done Save changesPreviewCancel Post a reply   Loading editor ReplyPreview Following PROJECT VULCAN: SHADES OF AN INTELLIGENT SPECIES IN THIS qUADRANT OF OUR mOTHER l'uNIVERSE/lADY gALAXENA...(mORE TO POST SOON) Blueberr6014 I continguing my review of some of the Ancient Text: current Vulcan Project includes the Bi'bli'cal Book of the Cannon:  Ez'eke'riel in the first chapters the Prophet/Writer describes the Mystery Box with fire enfolding witin itself like Lightning...a high-tech Modem of Wing'ed Creatures with Wheels to transport about like the Enterprise, the Vulture, the Draganflyme...intriguing "evidence of Eaerly Vulcan Colonization of an advanced  Species in the Current Thyme-spacie Matrix...<>\<><

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